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From migrating to a new version of Active Directory, to deploying an entirely new domain, or implementing sharepoint services, or using a secure share to transmit data between office departments, no matter your use of Windows Server 2016, we can assist.

Our diverse client base covers a large array of different Windows Server deployments, we have seen the many different ways Windows Server can be used. We can evaluate and quickly understand your office environment.

Many of our clients are running slightly older 2003 or 2008 servers, often Small Business Server 2003. Migrating from 2003 SBS has it’s complications. Allow us to guide you through the process so you can take full advantage of the new features and scalability of the newer Server operating systems.

Your Windows server(s) are a critical piece of your small business, it is a critical part of your infrastructure as it acts as your file server, print server, backup server. If your Windows server (whether it be small business server, or a single member of a pool of load balanced terminal servers, or a complex SQL Server) is not running as smoothly as it should, your business may lose productivity, leads, customers or worse – your data.

The wealth of knowledge our team has at it’s disposal for Windows server experience is deep.  We can handle any issues that you may currently be facing, and provide a solid stable environment for you to conduct business for years to come.

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