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Many of our customers rely on our ability to deploy open-source solutions on stable server environments. Our combined 30+ years experience with the different UNIX flavors gives us valuable insight into the best solutions for your situation.

Phoenix Synergy has fine-tuned an arsenal of optimized technologies and field-proven processes that permit the highest degree of efficiency for on-site consulting and service for small business computer networks.

With experience with many flavors of linux, including RedHat and the offshoot CentOS.

With deep and advance knowledge of highly scalable servers, Cloud Computing, High performance, Hardening Servers, Migrations, Ethical hacking, Development Operations – DevOps, Open Source services and Server optimization.

Certifications such as: Certified Ethical Hacker – Red Hat Certified Engineer – Cisco CCNA.

Expertise in:

  • MIGRATIONS: AMAZON/Wordpress/Magento/LAMP/Cpanel migration plans and implementation, backup-restore and recovery plans. I have helped dozens of clients migrate their web sites and applications into the CLOUD VPC.
  • Design and build Web Servers with HIGH PERFORMANCE (LAMP, NGINX/python, Nginx/Varnish, Nginx/php-fpm, Jboss, Apache tomcat and Varnish) – Improve and Fix performance issues, service optimization, security issues and deployments.
  • MALWARE removal and analysis: WordPress / Magento / Joomla Malware removal and remediation, Incident handling and Forensics analysis.
    BOOST and optimize websites with: NGINX, Varnish, REDIS, Amazon S3, Memcached, APC, apache tunning and mysql tunning, Amazon CloudFront and more.
  • Amazon Cloud Computing (AWS) – AMAZON EC2, amazon CDN S3, amazon RDS, amazon ELB, Amazon AutoScaling, Amazon VPC, CloudFront, Route53, etc. Also Management of multiple Control panels like Rackspace Cloud Computing, SoftLayer, GoDaddy, HostGator, dreamhost and MediaTemple.
  • DevOps and Continuous integration:  Docker + vagrant, Vagrant + Puppet, Puppet + Git, Docker + Ansible. Continuous integration with Jenkins, travisCI, distelli and more…
    Designing and deploying scalable & Highly available systems such as: Amazon Load Balancing (ELB), Hearbeat, HAProxy, mysql cluster, apache cluster…
  • Network and web security such as: Vulnerability Assessments, Hardening servers, security audits, Penetration testing, Virus/Malware/Threats/Vulnerabilities countermeasures, web security, fail2ban, Tripwire-AIDE-OSSEC, mod_security, mod_evasive, Denial of Services (DDOS) countermeasures, Firewalls (iptables, CSF and apf), etc.
  • VPS: Cpanel / WHM / Plesk / DirectAdmin / Webadmin – Migrations, management, hardening, configuration, maintenance and high level of Administration.
  • Databases Administration such as: Mysql tweaking and tunning, MongoDB, load balancing and Mysql replication (Master & Slave) for High traffic.
  • Database: Mysql tweaking and tunning, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Apache Solr, Sphinx, lucene, MariaDB, Postgresql replication & Pgpool, Mysql load balancing and Mysql replication (Master & Slave) for High traffic.
  • Networking: TCP/IP high expertise, NAT, FIREWALLS, CISCO routing and switching and Packet analysis with tcpdump and wireshark.
  • Storage solutions and Directory management: SAMBA, NFS, FTP and sftp. LVM and RAID*.
  • SCRIPTING: Bash and python.
  • Proficient with MAIL Servers: postfix, sendmail and Zimbra.
  • Source control versioning: GIT and SVN.
  • Deploying and maintaining Monitoring systems such as: nagios, ZAbbix, cacti and Jboss Operation Network (JON).
  • Backups solutions: amanda, rsync, Amazon backups and rsnapshot.

Phoenix Synergy’s UNIX/Linux, Solaris, and Apple Mac OS X consulting services cover a broad spectrum of computer technology including system infrastructure, email solutions, system and process security, UNIX/Linux and Microsoft Windows integration, virtual server products for server hardware consolidation and simplified administration, and migration from legacy systems to the latest Microsoft Windows or Linux-based solutions.

Our team-based methodology for resolving technical issues promotes quick escalation, when required, to our own consultants with task-relevant experience to handle challenging situations. This accelerates solutions of urgent problems, reduces lost productivity, and lowers support costs.

Your UNIX server is a critical piece of your small business, it is a critical part of your infrastructure. If your UNIX server is not running smoothly, your business may lose productivity, leads, customers, or worse – your data.

We can learn your server’s role in your organization very quickly and get you up and running with a long term stable server in no time at all.

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