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One of the most common problems we see is a crashed hard drive. We offer professional hard disk repair for desktops and servers, including Exchange, SQL server, Windows NT-2012, file servers, and active directory. Also, we can perform bit-by-bit level restorations and file level restorations of crashed hard drives.

Your data is likely still on the drive, if your laptop or desktop PC crashes, a recovery is highly likely. Your computer’s value (desktop or server) is in the data that you store on the hard drives.

If you have a RAID array of server disks, scsi, sata or IDE, the hardware we have at our disposal is advanced and can likely retrieve all but the most damaged hard drives.

Our Data Recovery services will exceed your expectations. Have one of our data recovery service technicians take a look at your damaged hard drive, we’ll have a quote out to you the same day. Hard drive recovery services is an offering that many of our clients have taken advantage of over the years. Hard drives do crash, don’t let that stop you from getting your important data (quickbooks, accounting, user file shares, excel or word documents) up and running right away.

Hopefully, you’ll allow us to provide you with a more affordable back-up solution BEFORE your hard drive dies.



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