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Our Security Assessment is methodical, and based on our simple security philosophy. “Follow the DATA.” ┬áSecurity exposures and risks are identified within a customer’s policies, processes, procedures ,networks, and systems. This gives the customer the benefit of an outside security review of their environment which analyzes and measures their level of security versus industry standards and best practices.Security

Breach points are identified by first gathering data about your business, the technology you implement to do business, and the people in or around your business industry. We must gather information about your environment, every one of our clients is different.

We have been doing high end security infrastructures since 1996, when we implemented the Americas Domain for American Express. We have since been attributing to the security industry by assisting in Microsoft security patch updates. The largest Banks in Asia use our Architecture when running financial transactions to Custodial Accounts. Universal Studios Florida in Orlando also entrusted their entire Point of Sale financial infrastructure to our design philosophies.


Intrusion Detection

  • Data Encryption
  • Network Encryption VPN
  • Authentication
  • Ports
  • Virus Protection
  • ProActive
  • Compliance

Intrusion detection services via implementation of firewall’s is an option. Regular penetration tests can reveal weaknesses in your perimeter defenses, internal scans can identify unnecessary exposure on your servers network devices, laptops and desktops.

Be sure the latest well known exploits do not catch your network unprepared.

We literally start from the inside and work our way out of your network(s), documenting every step of the way. Our focus is on finding out where your critical data is, who/what has access to it. Our extensive experience in network topologies, server types, databases, and firewall’s makes us highly qualified to assess your environment. From the policies your people follow, to the policy on their system when they login, we cover out through and beyond your perimeter defenses.

We will:

  • Run our standard security scans, a starting point.
  • Do an extensive penetration analysis.
  • Sniff your network from inside and outside.
  • Focus on the strength of your Web, Database, and Mail servers.
  • Inspect proprietary applications.
  • Evaluate Firewall rules.
  • Review Switch and Router configurations.
  • Review your ability to identify a breach in progress, alert to, and respond.
  • Shed light on the mass of security based products available to you.
  • Deliver a report that shows where you are vulnerable.
  • Prioritize your vulnerabilities based on risk.

We will not

  • Attempt the exploits found without permission, approval, and more approval.
  • Evaluate any “social engineering” vulnerabilities.


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