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Mobile Business SolutionsAn increasingly large number of companies are hastily engaging in mobile business, mainly due to a large number of market burdens, such as; the need for higher efficiency in business processes, improvement in employee productivity, better and faster decision making, better customer service, and data access to make decisions anytime and anywhere. Not having the proper knowledge and direction can lead your business off of a very steep cliff. Phoenix Synergy can work hands-on with your company to create a detailed plan to ensure your company can stay afloat in the mobile business world. Ranging from e-mail and calendars, remote access of documents, confidential files, and contacts to remote backup; we will make for an easy transition from wired to wireless.



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Mobile Business Solutions

If you have a blackberry server running on Exchange, or you just use a Verizon connection to POP/IMAP your mail from a standard internet mail server, we can help. Full-fledged Exchange connections with iPads, iPhones, Windows phones, or Android devices make your email faster and more secure. We can also connect you to your corporate messaging system. We keep you connected by practicing industry standards to keep your environment healthy for the long haul.



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