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Leveraging any broadband Internet connection with SNAP VPN creates a comprehensive Secure Network Access Platform suitable for leveraging applications and efficiently securely moving information between branch offices, remote users and trading partners.

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Setting up and managing a VPN has never been this easy!

Setting up a SNAP VPN is as easy as Plug & Play. In just 15 minutes your complete application infrastructure is in place. SNAP VPN can be installed right out of the box and there is little need to configure the device. Default or custom configuration is created at account set-up within SNAP View from any web browser.

Site to Site VPNs, Remote Access, Firewall, IDS, Anti-Virus and Network Management are provisioned automatically without any configuration or set-up. Simply register your SNAP VPN devices, plug them in to any Internet enabled port and your secure application infrastructure is up and running in minutes. Better yet, the environment is automatically managed.

Through SNAP View, the following network management functions are possible:

  • Create security profiles and assign them to individual network users.
  • Control access to SNAP View by assigning different user names and permission levels.
  • Configure Remote Access VPN Clients to provide secure remote access to the network for users outside of your office.
  • Create and modify firewall rules for your network’s own unique security needs.
  • Modify Intrusion Detection settings to watch for network attacks.
  • Create Intrusion Prevention Rules.
  • Create content filtering rules to prevent litigious or productivity blocking content from entering your network from the Internet.
  • View bandwidth utilization, packet delivery, latency, and jitter network performance.
  • Manage application prioritization to give mission critical applications prioritized network utilization over non-business critical applications (e.g., e-mail).
  • Manage your NAP VPN account online to pay your bill or view your billing history.
  • SNAP Vs Snapgear Cyberguard

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