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As technology trends and business requirements evolve, organizations are looking to the expertise of their strategic partners to help them define business initiatives, select viable technologies,and quickly and profitability adapt to change. Often this means implementation of off-the-shelf products into the business solution.

Solution Approach

Phoenix Synergy approaches solutions as a combination of services and products designed to solve a specific business problem. Our product-centric and consultative solution approach ensures that customers receive products directly aligned with business benefits. Our Product Services group helps to form part of an integrated solution by providing expert knowledge in best-of-breed hardware and software platforms.

Our Product Services Group offers expertise in:

  • Computer-based product features and functions
  • Integrated product procurement
  • Capacity requirements of represented computer-based product sets
  • Hardware configuration services
  • Product vendors market positions and product design principles
  • Cost and benefits analysis of computer-based products

We know from experience that providing business solutions in a dynamic market requires the multifaceted expertise that comes from key strategic relationships. Phoenix Synergy has partnered with industry leading resources to provide customers with best-in-class solutions.

New Technology

New services are available on an almost daily basis. We have many clients that ask us to evaluate new solutions that become available. Our investigations into these new technology solutions give us insight into what is available to you.

It’s entirely possible your office is using a service or product that is expensive to keep maintaining. There may be a new, cheaper solution out there waiting to be used. You may be hesitant to implement a new unproven technology. We can provide you with insight and solutions that could reduce your overall IT costs.

We have some clients running office’s with all FREE software; from their servers running linux, to their desktops running Libre-Office and some Google Apps.

A new way of running your office is out there, and you don’t have to pay a big company like Microsoft or Apple for all the software to do it.

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