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BackupThis is a very large topic, we try to cover this in a few bullet points on the website, but we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific backup requirements.

We have many different types of clients, all with different backup needs:
Most require simple file restoration from time to time (backups).
Some require full server restorations (disaster recovery).
A smaller set require full disaster recovery in case of an office fire (business continuity).

All clients have some level of each of the above, not all are prepared for a seamless transition into full disaster mode when the time comes.

Data retention and archiving is part of backups, because it’s very common for us to find huge stores of data that are being backed up that are old and never referenced. Identifying large stores of archived data can reduce backup times and enhance the overall effectiveness of all three levels of backups.

Having offsite backups is always a must. We offer many levels of offsite backup, not the least of which is a full bootable copy of your servers that you can access remotely on demand to test your Business Continuity model.

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