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Your Windows 7 or Windows 8 desktop is a critical piece of your small business, it is a critical part of your infrastructure as it acts as your main entry point into your business, accounting, email, office tasks such as Excel and Word. Many network infrastructure and server changes must be implemented to take full advantage of Windows Vista or Windows 7. When Vista is deployed many patches and updates are required on the server side to fully support Windows in your desktop pool. We offer this exclusively to small and mid size businesses in Arizona.


Keeping your desktops running, without viruses or decay, is an area we pride ourselves in.   We have years of experience keeping office desktops virus free, mal-ware free, and running in tip top shape.


Application support is another area we which we excel.  You can count on Phoenix Synergy having enough experience to get you through an install, or troubleshooting a problem. We run into proprietary applications on a weekly (if not daily) basis.  So we’ve probably worked with that rare ODBC driver, and we’ve probably already run that application in XP Mode to make sure the video displays properly.  Having run into these situations many times before means that you can count on us to be a guide that will take you down the right path the first time to get you where you want to go.

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