Prompt Response with up to 24×7 Coverage
Phoenix Synergy provides comprehensive coverage for submission and management of support requests. Customers can submit support tickets on-line, via email, or by telephone using the help desk hotline. The Help Desk is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and 24×7 services are available for customers with around-the-clock support requirements.

Expert Help Desk Staff
The Phoenix Synergy help desk personnel are highly trained and experienced IT professionals. Our help desk personnel are required to hold industry manufacturer accreditation including Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, and Cisco Certified Network Associate. All help desk personnel have held positions as IT Managers and possess the real-life experience to properly diagnose, manage, and resolve critical support requests.

Help Desk Automation
Phoenix Synergy has implemented an industry leading help desk solution for submission, tracking, and managing support requests. The support requests are tracked through the submission, assignment, dispatch, resolution, and completion phases. The system generates a full set of reports that provide customers and managers with the historical information needed to address recurring issues, analyze trends, and improve customer service.

Automated notification alerts are issued to the Help Desk Manager, Director – Support Services, Account Manager, and Managing Partner for high-priority support requests. These high-priority support requests include critical failures, delays in assignment and dispatching of personnel, and delays in resolution of a support request. Management intervention is automatic, resulting in proactive attention to developing issues.

Customer Satisfaction
Our Help Desk Team received a praise-worthy evaluation in our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, achieving outstanding marks from 100% of respondents.