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There are three types of backups:

  1. Backup (you’ve deleted a file and need it restored).
  2. Disaster Recovery (you’ve lost a server).
  3. Business Continuity (natural disaster).

We provide a solution to all three scenarios.  In this case Disaster Recovery is typically expected by all backups.  Most administrators are not put in this situation very often, we have hundreds of clients, so we see hardware failures in servers on a regular basis.  One thing we’ve learned is that a backup isn’t always the quickest path to recovery.  If a failure like this is fully planned for, a recovery can be either avoided, or made very straight forward.

The biggest issue with recovery is time, ensuring that the speed in which the system is made available again is vital.

We offer solutions that plan ahead and are tested regularly. Our experts leverage technologies that are outside the scope of typical office technical support staff.

Contact us today to ensure timely recovery.


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