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Hosting an exact duplicate of your office servers allows for a continuity plan that is second to none.

What if your office caught fire? What if it wasn’t your office, but another office in the same building?Someone else set the sprinklers off and now YOUR servers are fried.  It only happens to one out of 100, but we work with hundreds of businesses, so we’ve seen it happen. And when it does you’ll be glad we’ve done the preparations beforehand. Knowing that your data is backed-up offsite, and you can be back up and running in a very short amount of time will take the sting away.

We offer the ability to replicate your office servers in a co-location facility.

Now imagine you have a full working, already booted, copy of your server(s) running and available to you.  Your employees remote in and access the files they need, the emails they expect, AND the applications that keep your business running.

Hosting a “Business Continuity” copy of your servers is not just a backup, although it’s certainly close to it. The idea is that you’ve got a local backup, and you may even have an off-site backup. Both are good. But this is a full working, bootable, copy of your servers running simultaneously.

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