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Ransomware- Is your company safe?

hackCalgary University is hit with a $20,000 ransomware demand. This is a major university and their data was held hostage.  MedStar Health was hit by a virus that caused them to shut down all system interfaces. These are major systems, with certified system administrators on-staff, yet they have fallen victim to crypto-ransomware.

These are just two systems that were hit, and any random search will find more. Today’s electronic systems are vulnerable to these attacks, mainly because system managers have become complacent and are not prepared for this type of attack.

Malware locks your computer and then comes the ransom demand. Think about that for just a minute. If you are a healthcare facility you must have access to your data right now, and your business cannot function without your data. So what are you willing to pay to get access to you data again? That depends on the value of your company and how much you care about HIPAA compliance.

How can you protect your company? The first step, is to have a system assessment. You might think, Well that will certainly encroach on the budget.  This is the kind of thinking that could have you falling victim to ransomware and then having to pay the ransom for your valuable data.

A system assessment will thoroughly assess the threats to your system and create an action plan to protect your system. It is simple, effective, and affordable. With Phoenix Synergy, you will feel confident when you open your budget to system/network security specialists that secure your network at several levels, from perimeter to deep internals, as well as run solid onsite and offsite backups with full business continuity in mind.

We suggest you drop what you are doing and walk over to the person who holds the budget strings and tell them “We urgently need to get professionals to make sure we are safe! Phoenix Synergy will perform a three phased solution for us!”

Phoenix Synergy 3 Phase solution includes:

Phase 1:  Backups.

File server VSS snapshots throughout the day.

Full server backups.

Offsite backups

Phase 2:  Perimeter security (Web and email proxy scanning).

Phase 3:  Local dual-level security (antivirus & malware).

Upon completion of your three phased solution, follow-up with up to date user training, monitoring to ensure the security measures stay in place and up to date, security policies and procedures. Then you will be on you’re the way to being prepared and protecting your company that you have worked so hard to create.

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